Airport - Railway Station

The easiest way to travel from Ferihegy Airport to Keleti or Nyugati Railway Station is to take the Airport Minibus that can be booked at the airport on arrival. The price of the minibus ticket is ~ 3500 Forint (~12 EUR).

Keleti or Nyugati Railway Stations - Nyíregyháza Railway Station

There are many IC trains per day from Budapest to Nyíregyháza city. These travel every hour, the journey takes about three hours. The approximate price of the train ticket is 8000 Forint. SEAT RESERVATION IS REQUIRED ON THESE TRAINS.

A very useful website for train schedules is:

The last IC train from Budapest to Nyíregyháza city is at 19.35 from Keleti.

Note: There is also a possibility to travel by bus from Budapest-Népstadion to Nyíregyháza Railway Station.

Railway Station Nyíregyháza - University College of Nyíregyháza

From Nyíregyháza Railway Station taxis are available. The approximate cost of the taxi fare to the college is 1000 Forints.

The other possibility is the local bus No 8, 8A. The bus stop is in front of the railway station. There are 8 stops to the college and the cost of a bus fare is 250 Forints.

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